Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonders and Marvels

A 19th-century bride
Don't you just love Fanny Fern's insights about marriage and women's careers?  In one of her many New York Ledger columns, she wrote, "Marriage is the hardest way to get a living."  Today, I got to explore that quote and Fern's ideas about 19th-century marriage as the guest blogger on Holly Tucker's "Wonders and Marvels" blog. 

Tucker is a well-known historical novelist and professor at Vanderbilt University.  She hails from none other than The University of Wisconsin-Madison and her book Blood Work is a wonder and a marvel itself. 

Check out Holly Tucker, her marvelous book, AND her fascinating blog.  You won't be disappointed!   Wonders and Marvels Blog

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