Monday, May 21, 2012

Nice Ride

This contraption may not look like much, but I've probably ridden around the world on it -- if you only count miles, that is.  Not to give any indication of my rapidly escalating age, but let it be known that I've owned this exercise bike, and have used it faithfully, for well over two decades.  That's a lot of newspapers, magazines, textbooks and novels I've read while pumping the manual pedals and adjusting the tension with the little knob attached to the handlebars -- not to mention a few calories burned.

I'm a firm believer that regular exercise keeps one somewhat, well, firm.  Imagine my dismay when my trusty bike could no longer be trusted to hold the seat in place, meaning the seat would randomly crash down to knee level (ouch).  All said, my baby was begging for retirement.  I couldn't bear to give it away, let alone throw it away, until I was certain that the new-fangled plug-in model I bought to replace it would perform satisfactorily.

It's been a year.  The new bike has given me no grief.  So, with this blog, my old bike will finally rest in peace . . . unless someone wants it for the parts!


  1. Rumor has it old exercise equipment can be used to "hang" clothes on...8-)
    Walking is my exercise because of my knee replacements. I cannot imagine giving it up! But alas, to read while walking is a dangerous endeavor! May you get many more miles--and books--from your new machine!