Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Amazing Animals

 Who doesn't adore animals? Furry, feathery, finny (well, they all might not officially be animals, per se, but you get my drift). And, funny. Sometimes, when words don't seem to be enough, pictures are just the ticket. I've assembled a nice collection of animal photos for your entertainment and inspiration. The question remains, though, which one speaks to you right now? Take a minute to scroll down and then vote for the animal picture that most appeals to you.
Have fun!

Have a great day!



  1. The pup in the snow looks like my granddog (my son's dog)! But the orangutan is what tugs at my heart. You see so much in her eyes; here truly is an Elder of our planet. And of course the "finny" ones are animals! They are living beings with a heartbeat. 8-)

    1. I was worried that bio scholars would divide mammals from birds from fish, etc. Personally, I like the giraffes, in all of their awkwardness. It doesn't hurt that there are zebras in that picture, too -- two of my favorites!

    2. @ Smoky: What a cute puppy!