Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elf Ears

I stumbled upon what some websites have called the latest plastic surgery craze – elf ears.  A craze?  Really?  As yet, nobody seems sure how many have lined up to be elfed, but, apparently some teens, hoping to emulate their Lord-of-the-Rings and Avatar idols are choosing to undergo this new procedure that permanently elongates the upper ears into pointy, elfin, tips.  Some have heralded the procedure as this generation’s shock stock – akin to previous generations' body-spanning tattoos and multiple piercings.  Will stretched ear holes soon be passé compared to elf ears?  What do you think of this “craze”– nutty or harmless?


  1. I remember my grandmother saying that she didn't mind being old fashioned about some things...I guess I'm there! Permanent disfigurement isn't an attractive fashion to me, and in this case, I'm glad to be "outdated," "old school" or "soooo twentieth century." I just think "whatever!" and I do wonder "what ARE they thinking?"

  2. I agree . . . it does seem a little too weird to me!

  3. Yeah, that is really something terrible, in my opinion. As much as I love Lord of the Rings, and would love to have elf ears, I would never have it done like that. I'm thinking about just getting posthetic elf ears so I can wear them whenever I want...good ones though...