Thursday, July 7, 2011

Late Bloomer

This is the story of two African Violet plants, both purchased two years ago.  The first bloomed almost from day one, lovely white flowers, over and over, day after day.  In fact the plant did so well that I had to transplant it, then divided it – not once, but twice.  I now have three thriving plants from the same source – all producing a continuous profusion of white flowers. 

The second plant was sickly from the beginning.  I worried about it.  It didn’t bloom, barely grew.  I fed it like its sister, gave it the same water and light conditions.  It didn’t grow much, but didn’t die either.  When its sister outgrew pots and needed dividing, it stayed quietly in its original pot – flowerless and a little wilty.   I didn’t want to do anything to disrupt its precarious lease on life, yet I wanted it to blossom, too.  I kept nurturing it . . . and hoping.

Suddenly this summer, it has come out of its depression and has taken to light, water, and food like an adolescent.  My little plant that wouldn’t suddenly bloomed . . . and we now have one lovely sprig of dark purple to join the masses of white.

It was worth the wait.


  1. Love this--the post, the picture, everything! Now if you could teach me how to get my African violets to bloom.

  2. How often we humans are like these plants...and how easy this is to forget. Thanks for the reminder, Deb!