Monday, August 22, 2011

Appetizers with Tease

Look at this little lovely.  Isn’t it marvelous?  It was the recent star at a wedding and I must say that at first glance it looked too pretty to eat.  Wait staff walked among guests with trays of yum yums, but when the tray with these came out, people paid attention.  What were they?  Drinks?  Food?  How should one partake? 
It turns out the little delectables were both food and drink – the darlings of the bride and groom.  The wedding had a Texas barbeque meets Milwaukee gemütlichkeit theme.  Hence, the baby beer mug (shot-glass-sized) filled with Shiner Bock.  On top of that was a corn cake with fine shreds of barbequed beef topped with mini slivers of dill pickle.  A work of art.  A tongue tantalizer. 
You needed two hands for these wonders – one to pluck the goodie from the top of the mini mug and pop it in your mouth, and the other for downing the fastest beer in the north . . . or the south. 
Talk went on and on about these creative tidbits.  I mean, who thinks up something like this?  Have you seen similar amazements in your culinary experiences?  If so, let us know about them?


  1. This little treat makes me think of tapas. As we know them now tapas are just small appetizers or tastes of a larger dish. But the word "tapa" actually means lid in Spanish. Traditionally you would receive a glass of Spanish sherry topped with a slice of ham or a place with a small snack on it to protect the integrity of the wine from flies or other debris. I have seen tapas served in this way at a bar in Washington DC, if you're ever in the area its called "las Tapas" and the live entertainments is even better than the food !


  2. How fascinating! I had no idea about the history of tapas. What a good and practical idea to put a food-lid on your little glass of wine in order to keep out unwanted elements. Thanks so much for sharing!