Monday, February 13, 2012


Oh, my darling 85% dark cocoa dream!  I must have you every day.  And, it seems that I am in the majority since, according to the latest chocolate manufacturer’s data, 90% of Americans say they have some chocolate almost every day.  So, the average person eats 11 ½ pounds of chocolate a year, which means that over 600,000 tons of chocolate are consumed annually throughout the world. 

What about you?  Do your consumptive habits support these statistics?  If so, how do you partake?  Mini bits of chocolate chips?  Bars with nuts, caramel or coconut?  Spoonfuls of pure cocoa powder at midnight? 


  1. The past few days? Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Hearts with dark chocolate truffle filling. OMG!!! (Drool)