Monday, April 9, 2012


Bluebirds are my favorite bird and I've decided to try to attract them to our yard.  We've seen some here and there but never with any regularity.  With a little online poking around, I found out that these lovely bug-eaters will nest in boxes overlooking meadows and grasslands.  Nearby trees are helpful for the baby blues when they're learning to fly.  My husband and I set up our first bluebird house this weekend and are eager to see if it will attract a beautiful family.  There are so many dos and don'ts, myths and legends out there -- it's hard to know which bluebird attracting tips really work.  Have you had luck attracting bluebirds to your yard?  If so, please share your helpful hints!


  1. We have tons of bluebirds in our yard in NC. In fact, one started nesting in July of last year in the newspaper box beneath our mailbox. I thought it was another house sparrow because one had nested in our grill earlier in the year. House sparrows are supposed to be big threat to bluebirds, so I told my husband to get rid of the nest. He pulled it out of the mailbox only to find that there were bluebird eggs in it! We gingerly replaced it and the mother returned for a day or two, but then she abandoned it. I felt terrible.

  2. Wow -- how unfortunate. Thanks for sharing. The people at the bird shop told us to be on the watch for sparrow nests, too. Do you know what color the sparrow eggs are?