Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Callie the cat is 21!

Our wonderful calico cat, Callie, turned 21 years old on Saturday.  Yes, you heard correctly. Twenty one.  And, she’s still kicking.
Callie is now officially legal in every state, and by cat/human charts is the equivalent of 104 human years old.  Perhaps a tuna juice toast is in order?

According to our veterinarian, cats, on average, live to be about 12-14 years, so, yes, this puts Callie at the top of the charts.  Granted, everyone seems to have a story about some or another aged feline, but our vet says our little ball of fur is the oldest cat he's ever seen.
And we are grateful.

So, cheers to little Callie, recently deemed “calm and beautiful” by an admirer.  Thank you, Callie, for many warm memories and for your comforting presence these past decades.  


  1. happy birthday, callie! ps. i have a cat named callie too and she is a calico cat.