Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Notes

Turn-of-the-century textile workers

Labor Day is a holiday that was unofficially initiated by the union movement in the 1880s, but which included all workers. Congress declared it a national holiday in 1894 and during those first holidays, union members would march through city streets as a visual warning against those "pandering to the greed of monopoly, and reducing the condition of the masses," as one pamphlet of the era stated.  Labor unions were and are responsible for fighting for workers’ rights to fair wages, safe work environments, reasonable hours and humane care in sickness and upon retirement.  Support labor unions – the greed of monopoly must still be checked.


  1. Without labor unions we would all still be working for a dollar a day. Including our children. And our children's children. And I would be dead by now from pure overwork. I can't understand how non union workers think they don't need unions. It is because of unions that ALL workers have ANY rights. The strong unions will come back because they are needed again. Marilu