Monday, October 1, 2012

Here come the Bagel Heads . . .

What's the latest and greatest new fad in Japan?  The Bagel Head.  Apparently, people voluntarily want to look as if they've had bagels surgically implanted into their foreheads.  Why? Good question.  I can't see the aesthetic, ironic or creative draw to the procedure.  It is shocking, though, and a little weird -- and that's probably the whole point.
Bagel heads get that way by having about 14 ounces of saline injected under the skin of their foreheads.  The saline creates a round, domed mass.  To get the bagel look (versus, say, the snowball look), the practitioner pushes his or her thumb deeply into the saline mound to cause an indentation.  The indentation -- in fact, the whole bagel look -- lasts for under a day.  Then, the saline is absorbed into the body and the person goes back to looking like a boring old human again.
So, do tell.  Is this a look you've secretly been admiring?  Or does the thought make you want to skip breakfast? 


  1. 1) I'm a little nauseous just looking at this, 2) who the heck came up with this & 3) I get a sneaky feeling that this is probably a sort of pricey procedure which is so clearly not worth it. Am I wrong?

  2. The wannabe-anthropologist in my wants to say something like, "Throughout history, different cultures have adopted unique approaches to beauty to individuate tribal members from other tribes, such as scarification, piercing, and tattoing. For example, The Kayan Lahwi tribe of Burma places brass neck rings around girls, starting at an early age, to elongate their necks. The Mursi of Ethiopia wear lower lips plates, while the Mobali women in the Congo wear upper lip plates."

    Yeah, that's the wannabe-anthropologist. Smoky the real person, when looking at bagelfication, says, "Pfsssst. What idiots."