Monday, December 5, 2011

Gloria Steinem Still Rocks

In an article printed today in Bloomberg Business Week, famed feminist Gloria Steinem said, “Sometimes people say to me, at my age, well aren’t you interested in something other than women’s issues? And I say ‘show me one. Show me one that isn’t transformed by including both halves of the population.’”

Steinem still says it all, still cuts to the crux of the issue. It is not just about equality and equal opportunity, about equal pay and equal rights. It’s about allowing 51% of the population to fully participate. It’s about basking in the benefits those 51% of people bring to society – absorbing their input, relishing their creativity, living with the wonder of their ideas and beliefs and values, profiting from their expertise, learning from their perspectives. Full societal participation by all people won’t take away from those who already participate – it will add to the betterment of everyone in ways we have yet to imagine.

To read the entire Bloomberg Business Week article click on the link below:


  1. Why do people persist in thinking issues are divided by gender, or race, or age? What affects one affects all, and until we ALL recognize that fact, the fight will continue. Thanks, Debra, for bringing this article to everyone's attention!

  2. You said it, Smoky. It's about all people fully participating in the society they live in.