Friday, December 30, 2011

The "Outting" of Fanny Fern

William U. Moulton
Today I was honored to write a guest post for Rob Velella's fabulous blog, The American Literary Blog.  Of course, I wanted want to write about Fanny Fern, and Rob asked me to write about a very specific point in Fern's life, the date and circumstances when her nom de plume was no longer cloaked in anonymity and her true identity was revealed.  That date was Dec. 30, 1854.  Her nemesis?  The best guess of many scholars is that it was one of her former Boston editors, William U. Moulton, editor of Boston's True Flag.  His motive?  Check out the blog to see.  And, while you're at it, read Rob Velella's other thoughtful and informative posts about Fanny Fern and a host of other 19th-century American authors.

Click here to read more:  American Literary Blog 

*Special thanks to Rob Velella for finding the picture of Moulton.