Monday, December 26, 2011

A great blog if you love 19th-century American Literature . . .

Take a stroll through the past and get great insights about literature to boot.  I've discovered this excellent blog, by Rob Velella, a 19th-century American Literature aficionado and scholar.  Oh, the tidbits he knows!  Oh, the lessons he shares!  Oh, the writers he champions!  <cough, cough, including our own Fanny Fern>  Take a look at this fascinating and well-conceived blog when you have a chance.  He covers all the favorites and explores more than a few lesser-known authors.  And rumor has it that he's dishing about Fanny right about now, if you happen to check in. 


  1. I just checked it out; what a great blog! I left a comment, but it won't appear until "after approval." I hate blogs that say that--what, they don't publish a comment if they don't like what you say? Seems a bi one-sided. Off the soapbox now!

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  2. Thanks for the shout out, Debra!
    As to Smoky's comment: No, comments await approval because my blog is regularly spammed with Viagra knock-offs, replica watches, mail-order brides, and the like.

  3. It is a great blog, Smoky -- you're right! And, Rob, glad you cleared the air about the approval -- those spammers can be more than annoying!

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