Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thanks, Crunchy Betty!

This, to the left, is me taking a break from writing and cleaning my windows. Just kidding. I do take breaks from writing and I do sometimes clean my windows, but this isn't me or anyone I know. I do, however, like the blue sky and clouds reflected in those perfectly clean streak-free windows.
True confessions:  one of my pet peeves is looking at streaky glass – windows, mirrors, glass tabletops. Basically anything that has come within spitting distance of a Windex bottle (sorry, Windex). I hate Windex. But, I've been using Windex nigh these many years because I haven't found anything better to streak my windows, mirrors and tabletops with. You'd think a glass cleaner would, ah, clean glass, but I've, apparently, never figured out how to properly use commercial glass cleaner so that the glass products I am trying to clean actually get clean.  Maybe it’s just me.  Windex, forgive my outburst.  You’re probably fine in more capable hands.
Anyway, since I sometimes peer off into the distance during my writing time to refocus my eyes and get my head clear (ah, that window metaphor again!), I don’t want to be distracted by streaks.  I want nothing between me and the great beyond.  I want to look out and see the edges of the world.
And that requires a better glass cleaner.
So, I hunted and hunted around until I found some homemade glass cleaner recipes and tried one this weekend.  (Don’t worry, I did other fun things this weekend besides trying homemade glass cleaner recipes, I promise!)  I know you’re on pins and needles, wondering if my search was fruitful.  In a word – YES.
Thanks to blogger Crunchy Betty, whose "Alvin Corn" recipe is printed on her blog (and here), I have clean table tops, light fixtures, mirrors and windows.  Okay, once I realized how great this stuff worked, I went a little crazy, but I did not get all geared up and start cleaning skyscrapers.  Promise.  
But, I am so happy that I had to share the wealth with you!  Get our your pencils . . .
Alvin Corn Homemade Glass Cleaner
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 Tbsp. cornstarch
2 cups warm water
Put it all into a spray bottle and shake it well.  Shake it periodically as you use it because the cornstarch will settle to the bottom.  Enjoy sparkly clean glass.  Write the great American novel. 

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  1. Brilliant! This is a really marvelous stuff for me. Must agree that you are one of the coolest blogger. I was curious to see a stuff like that. Fabulous post!