Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Spot of Tea

In our fast-paced world, we often need small rituals to help us slow down and savor the moment.  My husband and I like to start each day with a leisurely cup of tea.  If the rest of the day whizzes by, at least there will be peace each morning, if only for ten minutes.  My favorite tea is an Irish brand –  Lyon’s original blend, which my mom and I discovered during our trip to Ireland.  According to official tea-gurus, there is a definite method to tea heaven.  Follow these steps, and you, too, can make yourself the perfect cup of tea.

1. Boil the water quickly and keep it boiling for five minutes to make it softer.

2. Use a little of the boiling water to warm the pot.

3. Put your teabags or loose tea into the pot, then add the boiling water. Use two four-gram teabags to a liter of water, or one teaspoon of loose tea per cup.

4. Leave the tea to brew, but not for too long; after about five minutes, the tea can get bitter.

5. Remove the teabags and give the tea a stir to ensure a consistent taste (otherwise it will be stronger at the bottom of the pot).

6.  Pour into cups or mugs and add milk, honey or sugar, as desired.
What's your favorite tea?


  1. We found a most amazing jasmine tea on our trip to Beijing. I would go back there for this tea alone! And to see the Great Wall again.

    1. Sounds like a return trip worth taking! I know what you mean. I found a wonderful gardenia bubble bath in Paris that might make me book another trip!

  2. Earl Grey will always be my fav. Best with some milk and a dash of sugar, then with a piece of toast and marmalade on the side. Wish I had that combo right now!

    1. Yes, I need sugar with Earl Grey, too, for some reason -- and always milk!